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BIC Global New Office in Banjarmasin Factory

6 months total transformation from warehouse to BIC Global new office.

Designed by Sienny, in collaboration with Davy & Velio Mobili Interior,

the total transformative building become professional cozy-modern office and art gallery in industrial style architecture.

The building gives massive transformational effects on the BIC Global Factory area, as it's bright lighting around office building in the middle of rural industrial area of Banjarmasin. It's decorative elements and posters ; contains motivational quotes and corporate character values gives impact on BIC Global people's behavior. BIC Global feels a lot more professional, mature, and confident ; while factory's employees are boosted with confidence and positive energy around their environment.

BIC Global office building reflects new spirit in BIC Global's journey in their continuous improvement, transformative strategies and their warm hospitality for their guests and clients.

We're proud with our new office, as it's also symbolize about our vision to be betterin our journey in plywood industry.

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